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Take our word[s] . . . you'll find Blank Page capable, creative and easy to engage in any assignment.

Storylines is an overview of our credentials, philosophy and approach for doing business . . . more of a relaxed tale about who we are . . . including the simple truth to the often-asked question: How did you arrive at that peculiar name?

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Blank Page Storylines


So, you're thinking about hiring a freelance copywriter. Take a few moments to read the attached and let's get acquainted.

[Icebreaker: most people are somewhat curious about our name. Quite simply: it's how everything in this business starts! Quite true: a good copywriter friend of mine once submitted a piece to a client. After marking it up with more red ink than a bankruptcy audit, my buddy calmly asked: "Where were you when the page was blank?" It stuck.]

Perhaps you've never hired a writer before. No mystery to it really, as you'll soon discover. If using freelance writers is your norm...I hope you find our experience better meets your needs, and warrants a shot at your next assignment.

To do either with confidence, you need to know more about the talent behind the keys...whether we're your "type" so to speak. Let's begin.

My Background

Michael Dongilli, Blank Page president, has over 20 years of editorial and promotional writing experience. Before starting Blank Page, he held senior level marketing positions at several companies primarily in healthcare, and was a managing partner in an advertising agency servicing industrial, financial and tech-nology accounts.

Among his many bylines are articles for Pittsburgh's major daily newspaper-Pittsburgh Post-Gazette-magazines such as National Relocation & Real Estate and top corporate publications such as The Scanner by FEDEX Ground.

What Do You Mean By Editorial And Promotional Experience?

Few writers bring the know-how to complete assignments on both levels. Editorial is primarily the writing of articles and pieces for publication [magazines, newspapers], and traditional PR-type materials [white papers, releases, speeches].

The more familiar "promotional" category encompasses all the sales and marketing tools: brochures, videos/DVDs, web sites, direct response, advertisements, newsletters to name a few.

For example, I have a degree in journalism and before entering corporate communications worked in radio as a producer and news- writer. I have also penned many news/feature stories for the print media.

As a corporate marketing professional, I've written just about everything: from telephone banking scripts and identity taglines, to brochures and newsletters of every size, to packaging, direct response, web pages and advertising.

Why Are Both Important?

Companies often choose a writer not just on capability, but also style...which they would like to see reflected in a campaign of marketing materials for consistency and copy cohesiveness. Though more important to some firms than others, having the talent to do both makes it easy on you.

What About Experience In Our Business?

Good writing starts with good information and a strong copywriter knows how to get it. Most likely, over the last two decades, I have related experience with your industry, topic, product, or something similar. In addition to business marketing assignments, reporting has given me exposure in many subject areas. Our online portfolio reflects diverse samples. More than likely, you'll find something relevant.

Can You Detail The Type of Assignments You Produce?

I've written most of the professional tools used in marketing today, with an emphasis on print and sales promotion collateral [brochures, mailing campaigns, articles, publications, web sites, product/data sheets, sales kits] and scriptwriting. As a former marketing executive for several organizations, companies know I have the capability to develop complete marketing communications plans-strategy/tactics-and rely on me for that expertise too.

With a strong background in news media, I'm called upon frequently to assist with PR activities: case histories, bios, backgrounders and feature stories.

Is Writing All You Do?

No. Although writing is Blank Page's primary business, I'm often asked to see a project through production including concept development, graphic design and manufacture. A majority of our portfolio pieces reflect that level of execution.

How Do You Price Your Services?

Writing is a "custom" process, and while the mechanics to complete a brochure, news release or other piece are relatively constant, the story isn't. Upon inquiry, we'll work through project specs with you so we can quote an accurate price. You'll receive a detailed estimate so you know exactly what to expect and how much it will cost.

Once we agree on price, we'll ask you to sign an engagement letter outlining deliverables. For first-time clients, we request 50% of the project total upfront, and the balance upon receipt. Future jobs require a one-third deposit upfront.

How Long Does It Take? And What About Revisions?

We are extremely deadline sensitive. On average, we'd like to have two weeks to complete an assignment, but recognize it's not always possible. If you need something sooner, simply tell us. If Blank Page takes the job, you will receive it by your deadline...sooner most likely...we guarantee it.

Copy changes are made as requested provided they are done within 30 days after you receive the completed work, and the re-write/ edits aren't the result of a new direction for the assignment. Because we make a concerted effort to know beforehand exactly what you want, most clients are completely satisfied with the results. If you're not, we'll revise the text to your exacting guidelines and at our expense.


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