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You want your copy to Sing, Stand Out, Stop 'em Dead. Whether it's repetition, alliteration, did I say repetition, or literary device-remember onomatopoeia (words that sound like what they mean tick, click)-the trick is knowing when to say whoa! If it's overdone, readers can tell. The point? Great writing results from experience and talent. Blank Page provides an abundance of both.

Michael Dongilli, owner and president, has produced hundreds of promotional pieces used in myriad industries...many straightforward, some flamboyant and various technical, all with solid reviews for clarity, quality, and when really pressed...brevity.

His byline has appeared in several local newspapers, including the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette North for news and feature stories. He received, no earned, uh was bestowed with...whatever, he has one-a bachelor's degree in journalism from Duquesne University.

Writing credits include projects for companies such as Health Related Services, South Hills Health System, Calgon Corporation, PNC, Highmark (Blue Cross of Western PA), PKS, Reliance Training Networks and Ideal Conditions.

In nearly 20 years of corporate marketing, he has written almost every conceivable sales and promotional tool including:

  • Brochures
  • Video scripts
  • Advertisements
  • Sales letters
  • Packaging
  • Newsletters
  • Presentations
  • Speeches
  • Magazines
  • Direct mail
  • Business plans
  • News releases
  • Web sites
  • Communications plans
Got a bullet you want banged out? Bring us in-412.492.9911

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Go Freelance,
     Go Faster, Get Results.

For many organizations, writing assignments are rarely constant enough to justify a full-time staff. Outsourcing to a freelance professional simply makes better business sense:

  • More efficient-allowing you to focus better on strategic planning and execution
  • Reduces costs-pay only for the specific tasks you need minus salary, benefits
  • Creates a better product-often because the freelancer has a fresher perspective and more enthusiasm
  • Enhances image-many "designated" staff writers inherit the job by default, producing amateur or weak results
  • Makes your life easier-working with a writer who always delivers quality work, on time, gives you the confidence to handle any communications project with ease.
In a pinch right now?
Punch us up-412.492.9911-we'll prove our points!

You Want Quality and Creative Work. . .We Copy.
At Blank Page, the writing is solid, the engagement process simple. We want your business and you happy from the start.

Easy Engagements
We begin with a consultation to determine your job parameters and expectations-scope, deadlines and budgets. You "OK" and sign a one-page project engagement that puts us to work.

Quotations and Terms
Projects vary-some warrant flat rates, others hourly. Your job specs tell us which is right for you. We ask for one-third of the total estimate when the engagement begins with the balance paid at agreed upon milestone dates.

Revisions, Alterations and Changes
Glad to do them-we even give you two rounds free on every project. Anything additional is billed hourly and we let you know beforehand what to expect.

Everyone wants to be heard.
Our words speak louder!-412.492.9911

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It's the man who determines what is said, not the words.
- Henry D. Thoreau -

Good writing gets read; bad writing doesn't.
Sadly, bad writing permeates much of today's business communication.
The culprits? Redundancy, wordiness and poor grammar.
The results? Weak first impressions, missed opportunities and lost sales. Why risk a mistake?
Start right. Whatever you need, we'll knock it out with precision, pizazz and pride.
You have our word(s).



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