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Good writing impresses you, and just as you're about to call us, a flash of idiocy overwhelms your intellect igniting that life-long and pent up desire to draft the perfect piece of copy - just so you can gloat once to your success-doubting friends: 'I wrote that.' You unabashedly blurt: 'I can write this' to your boss, who like your friends has to pick himself up off the floor from gross laughter over your impulsive self-confidence. But, driven by frugality, he concedes to your wacky whim.

Under no obligation to help you, but slightly sympathetic to your plight, we've assembled some articles to guide you along. Well continually add to the list, so check here routinely.

In the meantime, we'll wait patiently for the plea to re-write.

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Prepare To Write | Lead Stinger!

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