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Blank Page Northwood Realty 1Your brand is your business. . .especially when it has 50 years of market recognition, the last 22 has a franchise of the nationally known Better Homes and Gardens network. After Northwood ended that affiliation, concern grew over how to re-shape their identity.

Interestingly, the company can have over 1,000 yard signs in the ground at any time. It's the firm's most visible and recurrent branding tactic. Our strategy: give it a shape of distinction, a design of architectural and functional presence, craft a compelling positioning tagline: For The Best Way Home, Go Northwood. The result - some serious sign language, an identity a cut above the competition; a repetitive comment from prospects: SOLD!

How Blank Page helped bring things home: brand identity [logo treatment and tagline, signage], copywriting and design of all print and promotional collateral.

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